Lotus Multifunctional Complex

The Lotus Business Center built on the corner of Odesskaya Street and Nakhimovsky Prospect in Moscow serves as an architectural accent for the entire surrounding area. A five-minute walk from Nakhimovsky Prospect Metro Station, the corner is home to the three 21-story office buildings connected to a shared ground floor housing a shopping center, restaurant and bank. The complex also includes a four-story underground car park.

This architectural design is based on the idea of the complex being an effective sculpture where plastic expressiveness is emphasized by the use of modern finishing materials. Glass with a slight mirror effect outlines—like shining armor—the dynamically arched façades.

Each building is trapezoid in shape, the longer sides of which are arched. Like gigantic propeller blades, the buildings twist around the center of the complex, where there is a skylight that allows natural light to enter the connected space and further down through the atrium that goes down the lowest parking level.